Climate notes for August 25th 2023

Each week I jot a note or two down sparked by a weeks' worth of climate madness. And every week there's something more shocking than last week. This week? It's California getting hurricane warnings. At what point do the powers that be not wake the fuck up?

The story in Tenerife (pictured below) is close to my heart as we've many fond memories of the island. Not least our wedding. It sounds like the fire fighters have it relatively under control; but the worrying news is that they suspect is was started deliberately.

I also mentioned a few weeks ago that I'll start working on a new project related to climate. My goal is to build some sort of alliance to join tech companies thinking about climate, educators and researchers alongside inspiring folks in the field. Seed and grow is the strategy (as in, start small and see if it can go anywhere). I have other global tech alliances in mind as templates worth copying but I can't find anything quite like this out there. Again, if you'd love to help, please ping me.

There's some grim stories to read this week, namely with both humans and animal species dying as a result of wildfires and climate catastrophe. Which sits well with political leaders subsidising oil companies. Because neoliberalism has put the stability of the economy ahead of the stability of our habitat. Which, I genuinely believe, could lead to a revolution in tech and new economic opportunity as we shift to a better way of life. But the political will to enact such change is slow, too slow.