Climate notes for June 2024

  • A toot on Mastodon noted that bikes are the Linux of getting around, which is both funny and potentially damning. All that said, I own the Ubuntu of bikes (a van Moof) and I still have to do a weird amount of tinkering to keep it from not trying to kill me.
  • I note below that criminal charges are being levelled at TotalEnergies. This is the first time a case has been brought against a polluter in a criminal case like this where broad stroke 'climate change is killing people' is the narrative, rather than something specific like an oil spill. And I hope to see more of this. Much more. We're not going to solve climate issues if we don't 1) name and shame the fat and lazy fuckers on top of this mess and 2) hold them accountable for it. Make them famous, but not for the reasons they want. To-date, most oil execs have been pseudo anonymous living the life of Riley.