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Climate notes for September 22nd 2023

Tabs Apple probably won't save your life . Look, I'd rather they did carbon offsets than nothing at all. But the marketing speil around it…

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Published on 3 days ago

Climate notes for September 15th 2023

The weather has cooled down a good bit, which is a relief. But still, the sense of dread of what we just experienced in September is…

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Published on 8 days ago

Climate notes for September 9th 2023

This week has been unusually hot in Ireland. Not central European levels of heat, but enough heat plus humidity to make it feel more like…

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Climate notes for September 1st 2023

Ugh. The good news is the climate tech world is advancing and people are adopting it. Not large corporates though, because billionaire…

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Published on 22 days ago