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Tabs for March 24th 2023

Bob Flavin is a dope . I've called him out publicly a few times and received pure silence. He panders to his crowd. Anyone charging a car…

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7 simple steps a household can follow to reduce its carbon output

Reducing your carbon footprint is a crucial step in protecting our planet from the damaging effects of climate change. Here are some things…

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Published on 7 days ago

Tabs for March 17th 2023

BBC will not broadcast Attenborough episode over fear of ‘rightwing backlash’ What a bizarre headline. Green light for 24.5ha Claregalway…

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Tabs for March 11th 2023

Short one this time as I was travelling through the week & was too busy to really consume much information. I explained more in my notes…

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Tabs for March 3rd 2023

Protesting against climate is now a crime . What the hell are we actually doing to our future generations? How Elon ruined Tesla . Not quite…

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