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Tabs for February 24th 2023

In line with my "tabs" series on my blog and game blog, I'll keep tabs here. Probably weekly, but with caveats! EU is to mandate all city…

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Tabs for March 3rd 2023

Protesting against climate is now a crime . What the hell are we actually doing to our future generations? How Elon ruined Tesla . Not quite…

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Tabs for March 11th 2023

Short one this time as I was travelling through the week & was too busy to really consume much information. I explained more in my notes…

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Tabs for March 17th 2023

BBC will not broadcast Attenborough episode over fear of ‘rightwing backlash’ What a bizarre headline. Green light for 24.5ha Claregalway…

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Tabs for March 24th 2023

Bob Flavin is a dope . I've called him out publicly a few times and received pure silence. He panders to his crowd. Anyone charging a car…

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